Hi there!

Maríon Carrillo here. I’m a photographer, writer, web developer, and dog dad from Albuquerque, NM. I’ve been traveling around for most of my life and decided I should start documenting some of it!

About Me:

Me&Isa-1In February of 1992 my mother gave birth to me. When I was 9  my father gave me his old Minolta x-700. I became hooked on photography and since then I have photographed all across the US, Australia, Puerto Rico, and parts of Europe.




In February 2010 I took on a role of Studio Moderator at Guerrilla Photo Group in Albuquerque and helped grow the group until my leaving for Europe in September of ’15. Working for almost 5 years in that studio with Rip Williams as my mentor taught me more about lighting and life than I can ever say in words. I figured he should get a shout out.




Getting to now, I am currently traveling across Europe with my phenomenal partner, Isa. She is an inspiration in my life and someone who will forever shape me regardless of where I am.



On this blog you will see beautiful landscapes and wonderful people. You will also have access to the random thoughts that cloud my mind and color my world. Your thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.

Please feel welcome 🙂