Phew, planning and moving, thought you might like an update..


So lets see, since the last update I have moved home from the nice organic farm we were on(Son Barrina) to this amazing olive plantation. I wish I could shout the name of this place from the mountain tops, sadly the owners are big on their privacy. All I can tell you is that Isa and I are very comfortable. The work here is good, the food is good, the weather is good. We have found a little bit of neutral and it is making us both very happy people.

We have also had a couple adventure since I last wrote and I will get in depth on those before we leave the island next month. Should be a nice write up. In the mean time I wanted to share a photo with you that Isa took of me and then get back to the grind.

Love you all, Enjoy 🙂


Update: Moving and Shaking

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