Mallorca: Where our heros found the sun…


Here we see Isa enjoying sunlight and warmth


It has been a little while since I have written to you.  Ive got a lot more miles under my wheels now. A couple languages and a few important life lessons.


We found ourselves on a small organic farm in the center of Mallorca called Son Barrina, great little place, friendly people and good food! Isa and I are not keen on the organic scene so there were some adjustments but we found our groove quickly.

Sadly, Mallorca is in a drought similar to New Mexico’s and the farm was running out of water. So much so that we had to leave in order to not cause their well dry to run dry. Luckily for us our host Connie found us a new location.


I can’t tell you the name of this place, I can say it is in the northeast corner of the island and it is a beautiful olive plantation. It is gorgeous. I mean, I cannot describe this place. Not really. Not doing it justice. The owner’s call for privacy restricted my ability to document it just, wow. The farmhouse itself was over 700 years old and they still use the old press to make olive oil!

We spent a little less than two weeks there and are now in Porto, Portugal. It’s been a bit chilly here but we have had a few wonderful days!

In particular, yesterday was my 24th birthday.

Isa treated me all day. We walked 9km all over Porto, ate good food and drank good wine. Then something interesting happened to me. I suddenly felt so self-conscious I was nearly frozen in step. We were shopping and looking for a new shirt for me and I could not, for the absolute life of me, enjoy how I appeared any time I looked in a mirror.

I started inward, I was tearing at myself for reasons I can’t describe and I realized that in the 24 years I have been alive, with all of the horrible mistakes I have made, and for every person I have ever wronged, NO ONE has ever been as mean to me as I have been to myself. I am the only person who has ever cut me so deep. I think that realization has brought something about in me. I’m not sure what it will be or how it will manifest but I feel proud. I even feel lighter.

Anyway, I love Portugal and I cant wait to get to our housesit in Coimbra next week. The people seem really nice.

Also, if anyone has any info on university in Germany, please shoot me an email!!

Enjoy the photos! Love you!




Mallorca to My Birthday y Pequeña Epifanía

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