Well, its been an eventful few weeks..

We made our way from Portugal to France and started making our way back in to the UK. Then it happened.

3 and a half fucking hours of questions from border control. They were absolutely terrified that I may be wanting to work in the UK. I mean shaking in their wellies. It was hilarious, and it was a long fucking morning. I had to describe to them the last 6 months of travel, to the day where I could, as well as my next 6 months of travel. It was ridiculous, but hey, everyone has a job to do.

Anyway, we made our way to Jan and Allens house. You might remember Jan and Allen from our Icelandic adventure. They were so happy to host us and show us around Portsmouth for a week! They were amazing hosts!

We are now in London waiting for our fantastic friend Kat to join us on our adventure. We have another month in the UK then we are headed for Morocco. Keep an eye out the next few weeks for a special post about Traveling Safely.


Enjoy the photos from our time in Portsmouth!! Love to you all!


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A Less than Triumphant Return….

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