As some of you may know….

I was pretty fucking sick the last few weeks.

It all started with some slight discomfort in my lower left back. Then suddenly and without mercy that slight discomfort became debilitating pain. I mean, woah. I could barely even speak.

After a short conversation with Isa’s father it was decided I must have a kidney stone. We decided to wait it out initially and later in the evening I seemed to pass said stone and all of my pain was gone!

The next day though it returned with a vengeance and was followed by a fever and violent shaking. At this point it was decided that a doctor should be consulted.

Quick shout out to socialized medicine, for free, a doctor came to the house, checked me out and gave me medicine. Completely for free, with barely a wait time. I mean, fuck yes.

Anyway, he said that chances are I had not passed the stone yet and I should keep waiting, gave me some great painkillers and went on his way.

Over the next 18 hours my symptoms continued and got even worse so the decision was made to get a second opinion. Be aware that I am mostly unconscious at this point. Isa and Kat deserve a huge shout out for getting me through this and actually just getting through it themselves.

The second doctor was pretty clear that I had an upper urinary infection that was becoming a kidney infection. I was in a massive amount of pain and feverish like hell. I could not finish thoughts and I was angry at everything. Survival mode you might call it.

As you can see I survived and we are on our way to London today. We did have an adventure though that I would love to share with you.

Hidden away in Bath, UK is an ancient Roman bath house. We got to spend the day wandering around it and some art galleries in Bath. It was my first outing after being sick and it was a good experience. I can highly recommend the baths. Spend the day just walking and learning if you ever get the chance.


Enjoy the photos!

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Kidneys and Roman Baths

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