So we made it to Morocco, land of the Sahara, Casablanca, and mint tea..


We landed around 8pm on Sunday night and haggled our way in to a taxi that would drive us down the well lit highway of Fez. We went straight past the new city and in to the old town area. High walls, narrow alleys, and vendors of all kinds surrounded us. A local offered to guide us to our hostel, I was hesitant to accept as I knew there would be a price but I was glad in the end as our hostel was properly buried away in quiet passageways between family homes.

The sign on the door did not offer much hope of our hostel being a place we would enjoy but once we entered and heard the American pop music and saw the sprawling couches bathed in purple light we knew this was where we wanted to be.

Though the music would not be our first choice, the food and tea provided by the hostel absolutely was. Sitting, covered in the violet light, drinking tea, and playing cards I began to feel that I was inside of the song Hotel California, at any moment I thought, I could probably order some hashish from the girl and have it delivered. In that moment I was able to understand all the writers and artists that have made Morocco their home over the years.

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The next morning we caught a train from Fez to Casablanca. This was not without its own difficulties. First the train left the station, stopping after 15 minutes or so and then sitting for an hour before the conductor came around to tell us we would be headed back to the station and would have to take another train the rest of the way.

We hopped the next train and asked when it would arrive so we could tell our driver when to expected us. The answered varied from 4pm-7pm. We eventually arrived at 830pm. Luckily for us the driver was patient and was happy to deliver us to the headmaster of the school where we are currently volunteering.

I will have more to share with you tomorrow, for now it is getting late and my thoughts are drifting off, Much like they did the night we arrived. I can hear the guitars now carrying me off.

Love you all!



Morocco: An Update

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