This is just the start of our Moroccan adventure..


We found our way to the British Language Academy through a site called Workaway. Having no idea what to expect when landing in a foreign country is nothing new to me, usually I can speak the language of said country. So, this was a new one. Luckily for us, the school is fantastic and the guy who runs it is really kind.

Harim, the owner of the school
Harim, the owner of the school


Harim was happy to receive us in his home. His family fed and entertained us for two full nights! He has been teaching us different Arabic phrases and customs to make our time more comfortable.

We left Casablanca and made our way to the small city of Berrechid where we are now. It is a much more conservative and traditional city than Casablanca. Kat, our companion, found herself shocked by the appearance of the locals and the general state of things here. The trash, the staring, the raw meat and camel heads…. She is recovering well now though.

Below you will find images of the school we are currently working in as well as images of Morocco I have been lucky to capture.

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A Moroccan Spring

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