Theres interesting news developments on our horizon..


Before we get on to the news I thought I would give you an update. We have made an amazing family of people here in Morocco. Really though, this little group of travelers and students has become nothing less than home for us. We cook our meals together each night, play cards, tell stories, learn from one another, and so much more.


A few weeks ago we ran off to Chefchouen, or the Blue Pearl of Morocco. An amazing little mountain town in the north of the country.

Since then we have been to the coast, eaten fried fish, hiked to water falls, and taken a look inside. This coming weekend we will be heading to the Sahara for a few days and I am already excited to share the photos with you. Here are some from the last few weeks that I love.

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But on to news..

Isa and I are tired, to say the least. We have a plan, we know what we want, and we know what it requires of us.

Our plan is as follows.

From Morocco we head to Italy for a total of 3 weeks. We will be staying with a lovely married couple who need help around their home. They live near the city of La Spezia and its seems that our ability to experience Italy during our time there is important to them. So as you can imagine we are feeling good about it.

After Italy we are flying back to Portugal to housesit for the same people we did before, this time for much longer. We are very excited for this part as it means a comfortable home, a good bed, a nice shower, a pool, horses, and so much more. We will be in Portugal for roughly 5 weeks.

Then off to Germany! We will be in Germany for 2 weeks and our intention is to check out different Universities while we are there. We want to head to Berlin and see what its like.

When we are done in Germany, we fly to Boston. Thats right, Boston, MA, USA. As in, closer to home baby!

From Boston we want to head to PA to see Isa’s grandmother, then down to TN to see Veronica and everyone there!

Eventually we will find our way back home, sometime in early to mid September!

We want to land and get straight to work. We will be working hard for 6-12 months and then leaving again, either heading to Germany for University or heading to Asia to teach english and make bank.. Both options are pretty tantalizing honestly.

Our intention was originally to surprise everyone back home but we have decided that it is more important to have work sorted out for ourselves and be able to schedule things!

So, uh… See you all soon!


News! First, an Update

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